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Vietnam Amazing Travel
You kept your word that your services will be excellent
You kept your word that your services will be excellent. From the beginning till the end, the quality of services that you provided was great. I appreciate your time keeping potentiality.

Hi Vietnam Amazing Travel,
You kept your word that your services will be excellent. From the beginning till the end, the quality of services that you provided was great. I appreciate your time keeping potentiality. At every destination, the pickup and drop provided by vehicles were prompt and punctual. There was cleanliness in all the hotels where we stayed. The vehicles were comfortable and the drive was smooth. The food served was delicious. The staffs’ disposal was decent. The destinations you took us to were good for sight- seeing. In all, the trip was great, and you were the key reason behind. Thanks to your entire team.
Sara Stritharan
Sara lesara@yahoo.co.uk


It’s a while now after we returned from our Vietnam tour, but sweet memories of it still linger. Vietnam has some of the most beautiful destinations that I have ever seen. We were taken to almost all the important destinations at every city we visited. Your guides were knowledgeable, friendly and soft spoken. The food was great. Our stay experiences at the hotels were relaxing. The clean environment that it offered kindled the feel-good- factor in us. Vietnam Amazing Travel made the tour a fabulous experience. The services rendered were good. We recall and enjoy the memories still through the lovely snaps that we took. Thanks for the great services that you rendered.
Jui Yeng



 Thanks Vietnam Amazing Travel for making our Vietnam tour a sweet memory. It offered all that we expected from a foreign trip. This was the first trip we went to a foreign land as a family. A big thanks for taking necessary care to provide clean hotel rooms, comfortable and smooth vehicles, and yummy food. The guide knew a lot about the places that we visited. Each of the places that we visited was special and had a beauty of their own. The vehicles were punctual and provided smooth rides. Thanks for all the care that you took during our journeys to ensure our safety and great entertainment.
Sarah Robinson
Sarah srhendricks778@gmail.com


Dear Vietnam Amazing Travel,


It was a fabulous experience. We adored the clean surroundings provided. The clean and luxurious hotels offered a great relaxation. The bathrooms had well maintained sanitation. The fact that we have no worry about the hygienic conditions completely put us at ease. Thanks for the good guide. He spoke clearly and in good English, and was quite informative about the places we visited. He was well humored too. The travel was comfortable and offered enough time at every destination to stop and explore. I am glad that we took the service of Vietnam Trip Advisor. Thanks friends!
Donna Trupiano
Donna trupianodausa@yahoo.com


Hi Vietnam Amazing Travel,
Thanks a lot for adding comfort and luxury to our trip. The destinations that you had chosen to take us to were great. We absolutely enjoyed every single part of our trip. The locations were scenic and helped us relax at the lap of nature. Even our visits to historical places were enjoyable. Our guide made our visits quite enjoyable by providing interesting info about these places. The vehicles offered a comfortable journey. The drivers rode smoothly. The hotel rooms were luxurious and comfortable. We want to send once more thank to Vietnam Amazing Travel  for all that you did.
Spencer Mark
Spencer Spencer@powercor.com.au


Hey, I was about to send you mail with appreciation that I got one from you seeking feedback. Returned yesterday only but could not manage to reply back. Our group was very very happy with your organization. We could explore Vietnam probably in the best possible way. Got much time to talk to local fishermen in the village near Halong. Little sad to know their lifestyle, it did not appear that easy. Apart from this, entire tour was replete with excitements. Keep up the great work.
Janette Middleton ( Allan)
Jeanette janettemiddleton@yahoo.com.au

Our Vietnam tour had a different meaning. We were not there for getting into adventures. Not that young for it anyways. Me and my wife made up the mood to visit your country after my son returned from his honeymoon tour last month. Actually, he was right. But sadly we could not make it to Cambodia this time. Hopefully we will see you soon for Angkor wat tour. Thank you.
Joyce Wong
Joyce juicewong@gmail.com



Good to get your mail dear Vietnam Amazing Travel. You gave us a wonderful experience through the whole period we spent in Vietnam. All our stays at those three hotels were great. The one is HCMC was the best of all. I had visited to HCMC long ago, it has changed a lot. I could see much of improvement and modernity. We failed to do the most of Sa Pa because of bad weather. No problem, we might be visiting Cambodia soon. Can only SaPa trekking be included with Cambodia Tours? It will be great if it is possible.
Sajid Hussai
Sajid saj173@hotmail.co.uk


Well, Mike could not get to reply your mail, he forwarded it to me. He left for Ireland this morning on a business tour. Our tour was wonderful, it reminded me of our last tour to China. The problem was the same, the local language was all Greek to us. Thanks to your guide, he spoke brilliant English.
Unlike our China tour, we did not have much of walking tours. Cruising along the Halong bay was unforgettable. It is genuinely a world heritage site. Well deserved. Thank you for everything. We had much fun.
Leigh Rogers
Leigh lrogers@googlemail.com





Hi Vietnam Amazing Travel,
Thanks for your mail. Before I say something good about your services, let me send an apology to your guide as I forgot to return his lighter that he so nicely helped me with. Please make good for this to him. Speaking about our tour experiences now, it surpassed our expectations. Lovely country, friendly people but hot weather. Sorry, it was too hot in Angkor. But I appreciate those temples a lot. Wonderful piece of architecture, amazing arts.
Luis Calvo Costa
Luis Calvo calvocalvo@hotmail.com

We are back this morning, quite safe though feeling exhausted. Sa Pa trekking is still flashing. We’d a lot of fun altogether, biking was the highlight for us. Yours is great country and so were your services. Hope to see you sometime again in the next year. Thanks.
Rudy Meyer

Hello Vietnam Amazing Travel,
It was very nice to hear from you yet again. I got a mail from you both the time. Last time my feedback was delayed, hope I am in time this time. We returned happily from our trip two days back, we enjoyed it to full. The highlight of our tour was that of Halong Bay which we missed last time. Our experience was amazing with kayaking. Loved all sides of this Bay. Besides, our shopping time in Hanoi was equally exciting, my wife got into the bargains and came back with a full bag of those small mementos. I will for sure recommend you to our friends and family.
Jannette Phillips
Jeanette janphillips@live.co.uk

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