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Vietnam Amazing Travel
Most of the credit for our wonderful tour to Halong Bay goes to Vietnam Amazing Travel
Most of the credit for our wonderful tour to Halong Bay goes to Vietnam Amazing Travel. Every single day of our holiday spent very enjoyable. All the nights we spent were peaceful and relaxing.

" Most of the credit for our wonderful tour to Halong Bay goes to Vietnam Amazing Travel. Every single day of our holiday was very enjoyable. All the nights we spent were peaceful and relaxing. The suites were luxurious which had all the comforts. We might be coming back to Halong Bay again in the next year to co. We have already started recommending Vietnam Amazing Travel to all our friends. Thank you being so hospitable to us. "
Carlos Pérez Sánchez



" We are back from Halong Bay now and getting adjusted to our normal life again. Feeling rejuvenated of course. Thank for arranging us the fantastic cruise in Halong Bay. Had a great time. Kayaking and swimming was very adventurous. We will definitely recommend your services to anyone who asks. "
Fernandez Alcala del Olmo


Dear Vietnam Amazing Travel,
We liked your tour packages. It gave us sufficient time to visit the places or our interest. We did a mistake though, we must have chosen a guide from your company only. My husband said we did not need one but we hired one on the second day of the tour. No worries, we are coming back in a couple of months with parents. We will go to Angkor Wat this time. Hope you would give a great package then also. Thanks.
Miguel Dominguez Carmona



Back in Sydney this evening only. Overall our tour was successful. We had been to Vietnam primarily to explore the great heritage of Halong Bay. The more I say about this place will be less. Now I know why it is a Unesco World Heritage. Cruising added even more to our excitements. I am finding it difficult to express how we felt while we were on the sundeck of Glory Cruise and how beautiful it was to look around. Many thanks for everything. Don’t know if we will go to Vietnam this year again or not, but if yes.. we will choose you only.
Marisa Caruso Ms
Broome, Australian


Thanks a lot for your mail.
We came back the day before yesterday from Sapa. After such an exceptional trekking experience, we had a very good night sleep yesterday. Feeling rejuvenated and completely fresh now.
Sapa is blessed with all the natural beauty and fascinations. We had the best time there. Our trekking experience was adventurous. The trails had severed ups and downs that sometimes got us tired but never felt exhausted because of your tour guide. He perhaps had no silent mode (lol). He kept cracking jokes all the time. We enjoyed his company a lot. He was so accurate with his guesses about the required time to reach a particular destination on the way… never wrong.
Thank you Vietnam Amazing Travel you made our trip wonderful.
John Joseph
Sydney, Australian


 Hello Vietnam Amazing Travel,
My family along with me returned satisfied with our Vietnam tour recently. The best of all was the exploration in Hoi An. Got the opportunity to see how lives are different there in the countryside. At the same time we explored several interesting historical places there. There was something really appreciating about the architectures or old city. The markets were incredibly affordable for us. Bought some hand-tailored clothing at amazingly low prices. Foods were nice but coffee topped of all. In all, thank you for your customized package, it gave us much time to spend in Hoi an as we wanted.

Karen Lynne Hart
Melbourne, Australian


We were on a tight schedule this time so could not spend more than 3 days and 2 nights. Next time, we shall probably come with plenty of time in hand. Even then, you gave us a great package that let us explore various sites of our interest. Especially those two hours spent on biking in Sapa was memorable. We are planning to go for a dedicated Sapa trekking trip. We are hopeful that you will give us with the same kind of tailored tour option yet again. Thanks in advance…
Ania Daniel


I returned happy with my group a few days ago. Our trip was enjoyable. After spending some good time in Hanoi we went to Laos. At the outset, a few members from our group were not happy about choosing Laos in place of Angkor in our tour. But as soon as we reached there, our doubts went away. It’s a lovely country. I don’t know why it does not attract travelers’ eyes much. We could see that all the places we traveled were free from gatherings, there were travelers but not in great numbers. Whatever might the reason be, it was a good thing for us at least. We had a peaceful tour as there was no rush at all. Now when we are back from our tour, I confidently say I loved Laos a lot.
You will soon be meeting us again for yet another Laos tour.
Lyon, France


Hello Vietnam Amazing Travel, I received your mail today. Thank you all the help that you did to me and my family on the tour.
Cambodia is an awesome place – one of the best we have ever been as yet. I was captivated by Angkor Wat, that’s what Cambodia is basically famous for. Very true, Angkor Wat a wonderful place, there is no doubt about it. I liked even Phnom Penh much. It felt great to see all those structures that belonged to hundreds of years ago.
Our tour guide was a friendly person. He was very helpful. Thanks again for your supports on our tour. I don’t know when we will be visiting Cambodia again… but you can very soon expect some successful recommendations from me.
Nice, France


 We got some interesting experiences from the Mekong Delta tour. There is no question of forgetting those floating markets throughout our lives. Had never seen markets on moving boats.
it was sad to see that local people do not have a very good lifestyle. It was visible the moment we entered human inhabited areas. Even after that it is surprising to see how they manage to smile all the time…
Our next visit is due for Mekong Tour again… all friends sitting together will be deciding the time soon. Once we are ready with our tentative schedule, we will get in touch with you. Thank for everything on the tour.


Our trip to Vietnam was surely a respite from all the hustle-bustle here in Sydney. We would like to thank for managing an affordable and clean accommodation for us. Your tour guide who was with us spoke good English, it again was a great thing for us. At times his accent became a problem but it was already expected thus acceptable. We felt that as a travel company your company has a great understanding of actual scenario than can happen on the tour. I will not write it here in detail. Hope you understand what I mean.
The guide was a great help everywhere. Say our thanks to him please.
Matthew Marchingo
Adelaide, Australian








I got your mail yesterday. It’s good to know that you care for your customer’s feedback. I as well as my family am very happy with your package. I won’t call it affordable but still it was well deserved. I will recommend your company to everyone here.
Benjamin Edwards
Wolverhampton, England

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