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Hoa Binh Things To Do
Hoa Binh Things To Do: Reviews and photos of things to see in Hoa Binh from real travelers and locals.

Hoa Binh Reservoir.

Have you ever heard the name "Ha long bay in Mountain "? This is Hoa Binh ‎reservoir. This is the biggest man-made reservoir in Vietnam that not only supplies ‎water for the Hydro-electric power plant in Hoa Binh but also an attractive tourist ‎destination. With the length of 230 km, the surface area is 230 km 2 between ‎numorous mountains and forests around cloud-covered and hundred islands spread ‎just like Ha long bay. Apart from that, there are many villages of ethnic minorities ‎such as Muong Thai ,Dzao... along two river sides still preserve traditional life ‎styles .‎
Tourist may stay over night on board to admire romantic moon-nights and enjoy ‎locally typical food or relax yourself in houses on stilts to listen to folk songs, to ‎dink pine wine or to take part in traditional dances of local inhabitants.‎
You can feel the imposing beauty of Hoa Binh reservoir area as first sun rays ‎emerge though clouds to lighten reservoir surface or dye it violet at nightfall.‎

Muong minority hamlet:

Situated in Binh Thanh commune, at the foot of the Mo mountain and 12 km away from Hoa Binh town . Giang Mo village has got 100 houses in their original form with daily activities, hand-made water conducting system, water rice mortars, bows and Cross-bows, farming and traditional festivals and practices of Muong ethnic group.

You can visit any families you wish to, where you will be warmly welcomed. You ca also watch folk arts and culture, buy souvenirs made by Muong people themselves. Even more interesting is listening to the host's fluting, playing their traditional musical instruments next to the most fragrant "can wine" jar ( pine wine). The most distinguished is its peaceful and dreamlike atmosphere, which will bring you to a safe and casting world, 1 km far from Muong village is Red Dzao - A tourist destination that has usually been reached by visitors for many years.

Kim Boi hot mineral spring:

Kim boi Spa is 30 km away from Hoa Binh town. Crossing the zigzagging Cun slope. visitors will have the opportunity to view the panorama of Hoa Binh town from top down and freely admire the picturesque and charming mountainous landscape all the way during the journey.

Kim Boi Spa is built on a mineral water spring that streams out from the ground with a temperature of 34 degree centigrade containing many essential minerals for heath. Here, visitors can bath or swim in private or public swimming pools.

Mai Chau Valley:

Over 100 km from Hanoi along high way number 6, after only 3 hours driving you will arrive in Mai Chau on the height of 1000m from water level. From the Thung Nhuoi Pass, Mai Chau appears at your own sight such a beautiful picture with numerous mountains and Hills, zigzag trails, villages, lakes, gardens, and rice fields changing colors in different seasons.

Would you like to be close to the nature? Trekking ways will lead you through jungles, rice fields, green lakes or a variety of farms of local inhabitants.

If you wish to harmonize into daily activities of Thai people, you are cordially invited to Lac village, Van village, Nhot village ... warm houses with hospitable owners will bring you to a fanciful world in North west of Vietnam. Night camp fire will make you joyful, special wine will make you drunk and nice songs will bring you sweet dreams.

Have you ever attended a traditional Market? To satisfy your curiosity, take a tour to Pa Co market. The market time is the festival of minorities, all products made by Thai and H'Mong people will be best souvenirs to your relatives and friends. And from Mai Chau it will be easy for visitors to reach Son La and Dien Bien Phu battle field and discover ethnic minorities full of mysteries

Home-stay in Mai Chau villages: There are two accommodation centres in Mai Chau: the village of Lac and the village of Pom Coong. Pom Coong is slightly more rural and less developed than Lac.

Set a few hundred metres back from the main roadside, both villages offer a rustics experience in traditional Thai Stilts houses. The villagers will sometimes organize traditional song and dance performances in the evenings and anyone is free to join in the fun. A mild word of  warning about the showers: the doors may have fairly large gaps between the walls and the occasional opportunists guide or driver has taken the chance to observe the proceedings. Use your towel to good effect.


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