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A cultural landscape of national tourism wiped
Thanh Female Falls, belonging to two social and Ea M'roh M'gar Housing (District Housing M'gar-Dak Lak), is recognized as places of national cultural tourism since 2005, has now wiped out .

Images than 15m high waterfall with 3 lines flowing white foam unleashed looks like the hair of young women lanes, has a past.

The position formerly called Bar Girl waterfall, now only the bare rock cliff overhangs between Ea Reh dry stream bed. At both sides of the stream upstream, past blue forest, now people in the area had been "shaved" to grow corn, beans and coffee.

Currently, the landscape here has been taken away and turned into the hills a red-brown. After being certified as operators Thanh Female "Attractions countries", prepared Cu M'gar conditions call for investors to contribute capital to build this place into an eco-tourism, cultural chemistry.

Before the seminar discusses the attraction of foreign investment and plans for tourism operators Nu Thanh district for the survey and evaluation of field documentation of this scenic area.

Now, operators no longer bar women and plans to build the eco-cultural tourism here is bankrupt. The certificate scenic "waterfall Bar Girl" was another of Natural Resources and Environment Office Residential District M'gar carefully stored in a cabinet as a memento of the local.

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