The Halfday Tour To Enjoy Hoi An Foods


16.00 pm: The guide will welcome you at the hotel and travel to the old town where you have an overview as well as discover the daily local life in Hoi An. Your walking tour will start from the hotel and get the stroll through the roads to get more experience.

You will your way through the local of Hoi An suburbs on main roads as well as smaller roads. And then continue the journey to the old quarter and have a stopover at vendors along the walking roads to try their traditional foods.

There is a list of more than 40 different dishes on the tour which you can try minimum 15 dishes along the way. It is also a chance for you to get the fantastic photos of the street vendor, local life in Hoi An including tailor making suits, hairdressers, sheet metal workers, etc.

Tour will be finished at a cafe by the ancient town and the rest of time you can have more wander around the town to get the safari life along streets with sparkling lanterns.

Here is the list of street foods:

– Quang (Quang Nam) - styled noodles called Mi Quang

– Cao Lau noodle - a rice noodle called Cao Lau

– Chicken rice called Com Ga

– White rose called Banh vac - filled with ground shrimp, garlic, spring onion, lemongrass, and spices

– Steamed wheat flour cake called Banh bao has minced pork and mushrooms as the main fillings

– Cracked/smashed rice pancakes called Banh Dap

– Cake green bean cake called Banh Dau Xanh

– Tofu called Dau Hu

– Glutinous rice cake called  Banh It

– Rice Pancake called Banh Xeo

– Grilled meat roll called Nem Nuong

– Roast meat called Thit Nuong

– Grilled chopped meat called Nem Lui

– Mrs. Phuong Bread called Banh Mi Ba Phuong

– Mixed mussel called Hen Tron


– English Speaking guide

– Mineral water

– Street foods

The Origin travel difference

– Enjoy the tasty and delicious street foods along roads in Hoian ancient town

– Laugh and learn about the local culture as well as meet vendors who are very nice and always welcome visitors to try their foods

– Discover some places in old town where have not in your guidebook


– Street foods can be made in the morning or afternoon. In the afternoon and have street foods for dinner and enjoy the old town at night will get more charming.

– If your hotel not in old town, there is an extra charge of the car for travel from the hotel to the old town where start your walking food trip. The return way is your flexible by yourself.