Ho Chi Minh City – Cu Chi Tunnel Half-day Tour

The area of Cu Chi was one of the most pro-communist districts in the far south; indeed the VC used the tunnels to organize the 1968 Tet Offensive. During the American War, the entire area of Cu Chi has designated a free-fire zone and was heavily bombarded: you can still see numerous craters caused by 500 pound B52 bombs.

It was this persistent bombing campaign that drove many of the residents of Cu Chi together with the Viet Cong underground. Originally the tunnels had been created as far back as 1948 to help combat the French. Now they were rapidly expanded to include innumerable trap doors, specially constructed living areas, storage facilities, weapons factories, field hospitals, command centers kitchens, and even schools.

Today the remaining tunnels of this intricate network have been widened to accommodate the larger western frame and have now become a major tourist attraction giving the visitor a unique experience of what underground life in the American war must have been like and a deep appreciation of the courage and ingenuity of the Vietnamese people

Full Itinerary

8:00: We will pick you up at your hotel in Ho Chi Minh City center transfer to the Cu Chi Tunnels around 1 hour by Car / Van.

Arrive Cu Chi tunnels where firstly you are seeing the Document movies about Cu Chi Wartime, Special during the time from 1960 to 1972, the simple hoes to dig, the labor of the local people, then we will visit the main Gate to go to the tunnels, the different kind of trap from the tree to the ground. The trap was built around the main gate, the place to produce the weapon, the Rest area, meeting room, the hospital, the hole to get the fresh air for tunnels,  

In Cu Chi, you will have the opportunity to buy the bullet and try to fire off an AK47 or MK16 or machine guns at the nearby shooting range.

Leave Cu Chi tunnels we get back to the Car / Van transfer to Ho Chi Minh City.

Cu Chi Tunnels


Air-conditioned car

English speaking tour guide

Entrance fees and 01 water bottle/pax


Drinks and tips

Travel insurance

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