Amazing Tour To Vung Tau City By Motorbike and Sailing Boat

The sea city Vung Tau is well-known for it's two magnificent and spacious roads which are adjacent the beaches in Front Beach (Bai Truoc) and Back Beach (Bai Sau). Where there is the mighty Jesus Christ Statue standing on the peak of the Nho Mountain (Small Mountain), stretching his giant arms out and facing the immense sea.

Vung Tau is also a place where tourists can discover many interesting experiences by sailing boat. The moment when you are sailing, admiring sights on the Dinh River or immersing your bodies to the clear blue water on the untouched Go Dang Island would absolutely be the unforgettable experiences to tourists traveling to Vung Tau.


In the morning: Tour guide will see tourist at the meeting point in Vung Tau. Then, we will start the sightseeing on motorbikes.

The first destination is Thang Tam God temple or also known as the Whale Temple. The fishermen who rely mainly on the sea have a strong belief that the Whale always appears at the right moment to help them whenever they are at risk during their earning for living time in the difficult condition. Therefore, every sea region in general and in Vung Tau, in particular, all has the Whale Temple.

We continue the journey to the second location – Jesus Christ Statue located on Nho Mountain. The Statue’s construction was started in 1972 and it soon became a major work of religious art and architecture area and one of the famous landscapes in Vung Tau.

Go along the beach road of the Front Beach or also known as Dua beach, the group will move to Bach Dinh (the White Palace), where Bao Dai Emperor used to stay here on his vacation

After Bach Dinh, the group continues to visit the museum of ancient weapons. The museum displays weapons such as guns, armors, swords and so on that was used all over the world from the 17th century until the 20th century.

Next, the group will be admired in the notable Theravada Buddhist temple – Thich Ca Phat Dai pagoda. Here, tourists will learn more about the life of Buddha and pray for luck and health for your family and friends.

Tourists have lunch and rest at a restaurant.

In the afternoon: tourists will depart to Dinh River Bay. At the wharf, tourists will get on a sailing boat and go sailing on the Dinh River to see the romantic and marvelous natural scenery along the river. Tourists will have a distinct feeling while excursing on a sailing boat and enjoying the cool breezes.

After harmonizing to the beautiful nature, the boat will sail tourists to Go Gang Island. This is still a pristine place where there are only white fine sand and cool sea breezes. Tourists are freely immersed in the clear blue seawater or took part in picnicking with friends.

When the sunset’s light stretch out on the beach, the boat will sail tourists back to the wharf.

The group will return to the first place

We finish Vung Tau city sightseeing by motorbike and by sailing boat 1-day tour

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Price from $ 22/person


Motorbikes for sightseeing as per indicated in the tour program (2 people per one motorbike)

Sailing boat for visiting Dinh River and Go Dang Island (4 people per one boat)

– English speaking tour guide for sightseeing

– All the landscapes’fees for visiting

– Mineral water (one bottle/person/day)


– Lunch 

– Other person costs