Explore Top 8 Best Things To Do in Halong Bay

Has long famous for the mind-blowing caverns and stunning seascapes, Halong bay draws thousands of visitors coming yearly to admire the masterpiece of Mother Nature. Located in the Gulf of Tonkin, Halong Bay is the home of more than 1,900 small and large islands, mostly uninhabited and untouched by human, with the diverse ecological systems and numerous magnificent arches and grottos created by the coastal erosions. Visiting here, tourists cannot simply observe the outstanding sceneries but take part in a wide range of interesting activities in this charming property.

1. Kayaking

One of the most popular choices to explore the incredible beauty of Halong is Kayaking. This seascape used to be listed in the top 25 best tourist attractions for kayaking in the world by the National Geographic Adventures magazine. The weather in Halong is favorable for kayaking, the water is calm and the wind is gentle. Furthermore, kayaks are smaller and easier to go to some places where big boats cannot. Then, what is the best way to discover the bay than paddling through the stunning drowned limestone landforms, visiting lagoons or pristine beaches in the sound of the surrounding jungle?

Kayaking in Halong Bay

Before kayaking, life jackets will be provided. Make sure to follow the warning and instructions of the tour guide for your safety. It’s comfortable to wear a swimsuit or light clothes and of course, bring the camera to capture the most beautiful scenery.

2. Visiting caves

A great number of incredible caverns and grottos were created among the rising limestone pinnacles in Halong bay through millions of years of geological actives. These caves welcome a lot of visitors every year. 

Once entering the caves, it likes getting lost in the maze of the astonishing stalagmites and stalactites in a variety of shapes and sizes. The inner picture is animated and splendid that going beyond the human’s imagination. Some caverns even have their own story. Most well – known caves in Halong are Thien Cung cave (Heavenly Palace), Dau Go Cave (cave of Wonders), Trinh Nu cave (Virgin cave), Sung sot cave (amazing cave). 

Sung Sot Cave


Thien Cung Cave

3. Swimming and sunbathing

Endowed by nature with countless stunning beaches, Halong Bay becomes the favorite spot for swimming and sunbathing. This area is an ideal place for water-based activities with calm water and moderate temperature. Just imagine dipping in the emerald water or lying on the white soft sand in dazzling sunlight of the pristine beach can easily please any traveler souls. It’s such a great getaway from the bustling life. Some of the mind-blowing beaches to enjoy yourself are Tuan Chau beach, Ngoc Vung beach, and Quan Lan beach.
Swimming in Halong Bay


Sunbath Halong
4. Climbing

Apart from cruising down the bay, climbing is another interesting option to experience the beauty of the natural wonder. There are numerous limestone mountains in this area which is recognized as one of the awesome climbing regions in the world. 


The climbing tours are set up in almost itineraries of the cruises offering different intensity. Titov island, Thien Canh Son grotto, Dau go carven are the popular spots for this activity. After a long climbing in the lush vegetation of this serene and tranquil area, the panorama of Halong bay appears magnificent right in front of your own eyes bringing such a satisfying moment.  

5. Cycling

Viet Hai village, also known as the “isolated oasis” is where cycling activity takes place. Situated in the center of the Cat Ba National Park, about 18km from Cat Ba island, Viet Hai village is a secluded place surrounded by evergreen forests, high mountains range, and great ocean. 

Cycling in Viet Hai village

The local here still remains some old characteristics of the ancient time. The biking tour of the village in the midst of the valley offers a closer look at the local life with the beautiful paddy fields and the primitive bamboo house in the airy atmosphere.     

6. Night squid fishing on Boat

One interesting activity in Halong Bay that can only experience at night is the squid fishing. Tourists can take part in the activity by themselves with great pleasure of catching the squids. Squid season is from April to January. Squids are smaller at the beginning of the season while the peak season begins in August and lasts in December providing bigger ones. 

Night Squid

The ocean seems to be livelier than ever by hundreds of sparkling lights from the fishing boats. A large number of squids are attracted by the light gathering around the boat, thus a lucky visitor can catch about 15 - 20 squids per night. 

Night Squid

Fishing rods and racquets are available for your request. You can also enjoy your fishing reward right on the boat with some alcohol while singing karaoke.

7. Viewing Halong Bay from the seaplane

Some people said that the best way to admire the beauty of Halong Bay is via the seaplane. The air trip provides a wide opening view over the majestic karst pillars as well as caves. 

Halong Bay from Seaplane

It can’t be denied that cruising down the bay among the wonderful limestone mountains is the easiest way to take a closer look at the jewel of Mother Nature. But for a panorama, going by seaplane is a better idea. It can reach the height of 300m from the sea level so you can have the bird – eye view over the world natural wonder. The price is a little bit high but worth for a lifetime experience.
8. Practice Taichi on the desk

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese martial art of breathing exercises and soft movements. Created by the man who is said to achieve immortality for living more than 200 years in China -  Zeng Senfang. Taichi is now famous worldwide for its effect of improving both physical and mental health. 

Practice Tai Chi

Practicing taichi with the specialist is offered in almost every boat in Halong. Therefore, isn’t it great to do this interesting activity on the desk of the junk boat when cruising around the magnificent karst pinnacles of Halong Bay?